Full Colour Printed Vinyl Stickers Now Available

We have now upgraded to a Roland VersaStudio printer/cutter so can now offer full colour printed vinyl stickers. We currently have a small selection in our ebay store:

Printed Vinyl Stickers on eBay

We do have an offer on which will last until February 2016, buy one get another for 50%.

Plaster Sticker Bomb - Colour

Plaster Sticker Bomb – Colour

shockerbombcolour shockerjdm ripunionjack

‘NEVERBEEN’ Novelty Nurburgring Race Circuit Fan Sticker – £1.99

For fans of the original Nurburgring sticker but have not yet been to the circuit.

NEVERBEEN ‘Nurburgring’ – eBay Link


NEVERBEEN ‘Nurburgring’

Summer Special – Buy 3 Car Stickers Get 1 Free!

Purchase 3 car stickers from our ebay Store and get 1 free. Simply purchase 4 as normal and the discount should be applied at checkout. To see all 1700+ eligible items click here.

New MINI Car Stickers

We have added a few new stickers to our eBay Store especially for MINI owners. They are:

Eat Sleep MINI

On A MINI Adventure

It’s A MINI Adventure

My Other Car Is A Mini

MINI Adventure In Progress

 It’s A Mini Thing


Because Mini

I’d Rather Push This Mini Than Drive A Micra

I Love/Heart My Mini

 British Leyland Logos

You Are Now Playing Follow The Mini

100% BMW Free (for the original Mini!)

Designed By Mini Improved By Me

 A-Series Inside

 Retro Mini

 Mini Jigsaw

Mini Speed Camera Testing Vehicle – Small

Mini Speed Camera Testing Vehicle – Large




‘Because’ Car Stickers Now Available

We now have a new range of ‘Because’ car stickers available. They can be purchased from our ebay store at the following link:

Because Car Stickers


Because Racecar

We have the following available (if you don’t see what you want listed give us a shout and we will add it for you):

  • Because Mini
  • Because Rover
  • Because Focus
  • Because Citroen
  • Because Ford
  • Because Volvo
  • Because Vectra
  • Because Skoda
  • Because VTEC
  • Because Pug
  • Because Golf
  • Because Land Rover
  • Because Mondeo
  • Because Ibiza
  • Because Astra
  • Because Civic
  • Because Peugeot
  • Because Punto
  • Because SAAB
  • Because Clio
  • Because BMW
  • Because Corsa
  • Because MG
  • Because Seat
  • Because Alfa Romeo
  • Because RWD
  • Because Diesel
  • Because Evo
  • Because Subaru
  • Because VXR
  • Because Fiat
  • Because Mitsubishi
  • Because Saxo
  • Because Audi
  • Because Kia
  • Because Lexus
  • Because Volkswagen
  • Because Vauxhall
  • Because Racecar
  • Because Opel
  • Because 4×4
  • Because Coupe
  • Because Toyota
  • Because Mazda
  • Because Lupo
  • Because Showcar
  • Because Hyundai
  • Because Renault
  • Because Dub
  • Because Chrysler
  • Because Jeep
  • Because Driftcar
  • Because Turbo
  • Because Beetle
  • Because Mercedes
  • Because Daewoo
  • Because VW
  • Because Nissan
  • Because Suzuki
  • Because 4WD

New Stickers Added & Lower Prices!

Over the past few months we have been working hard to add new items to our eBay shop. We have also lowered our prices. You can view our shop by clicking the link below. If we don’t have what you are after then please give us a shout and we will do our best to help you out.

Decalarama eBay Shop

Don’t forget we also have a storefront on Amazon which can be found by clicking the link below:

Decalarama Amazon Storefront

Mothers Day – Sunday 30th March 2014

Don’t forget it is Mothers Day on the 30th March this year and if you have no idea what to get her then consider a fridge magnet or mug. Take a look at our selection by clicking the links below:

Fridge Magnets


Off Road Sticker – You Drive Round It I Drive Over It

Another new sticker ideal for off roaders has been added to our eBay Store. This one is also a slogan type sticker and titled ‘You Drive Round It I Drive Over It’. It can be purchased by clicking the link below:

You Drive Round It I Drive Over It – Off Road Sticker

Off Road Sticker – No Road? No Problem!

We have just added a new sticker to our ebay Store which is ideal for off roaders.

It can be purchased by clicking the following link:

No Road? No Problem!


No Road? No Problem!

Sticker Pricing Update Plus New Stickers

We have recently revised many of our stickers that are available in our ebay Store. Prices have been reduced on many of them and Worldwide shipping is now available.

Check out our ebay store by clicking the link below:

Decalarama’s eBay Store