New Year, New Stickers

New Car Stickers

We would like to wish all of our past, present and future customers a Happy New Year for 2012! We have already been very busy by adding new vinyl car stickers to our range, they include:

  • Grumpy Old Sod Inside
  • Grumpy Sod Inside
  • Official Tow Vehicle
  • Old Git Inside
  • Old Sod Inside
  • Caution This Car Stops At All Speedbumps
  • Caution May Go Sideways Without Warning
  • I Apologise For Driving So Close In Front Of You
  • 4AGZE Inside
  • Angry Kid Inside
  • 3 Pot Cylinder Inside
  • Because I’m The Boss Thats Why
  • Bass Inside
  • Bin Laden Inside
  • If In Doubt Back End Out
  • Ginger Kids Rule
  • MasDUBation
  • Gingers Have Souls Too
  • I Do Not Have PMS I’m Always A Bitch
  • If In Doubt Get The Back End Out

At the moment these can be purchased from our shop in Walton, Peterborough or our eBay Store.